About Yash
︎︎ “The earth is a living Mandala-a structural matrix through and from which flow a succession of changes, elemental forms, and primal surges, each surpassing the other in an infinite variety of organic structures and impulses, crowned by the supreme attribute of reflective consciousness.

Its flow, though working through a relatively well-defined structure, is subject to the infinite processes of growth and transformation by virtue of the ever-changing relationships both internal and external to its basic structure. ”
-José and Miriam Argüelles, Mandala



I was stranded in Kathmandu in 2020, the year that COVID struck, the world went into lockdown. Thousands of people  started dying everyday, and I was staying with my Nepali family at the time, couldn’t do anything. I was feeling desperate, and immobilized everyday both mentally and physically. During that time, I founded a dusty book at a local library, and encountered the symbol of Mandala. Since then, my worldview has been drastically shaped by Mandala. 

Mandala symbolizes encounters, changes, and growth. After leaving Nepal, I started to notice that Mandala-like changes in my body and spirits. My identities start to change. I start spending time learning spirituality&buddhism. I also start to seek healings and therapies and countering my family and early life traumas and abuses.

Thus, I want to embrace this symbol in my body and in my artworks.︎”
Yash 2022/09/16